The Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur USA

One of the most important responsibilities of yours’ while planning a trip is to book a standard hotel. It is not easy to choose one among a large number of hotels, especially in an unknown city or town. The United States of America is a big country therefore it has many beautiful hotels and restaurants. Also, a large number of visitors and travelers visit the United States of America every day. It has some amazing and world-class hotels which are famous all over the world such as the Post Ranch Inn.

About The Post Ranch Inn

This beautiful and top-class hotel is located on the Big Sur Highway just 30 miles away from the Carmel. Big Sur is one of the most amazing and breath-taking places in the world and is famous for craggy cliffs and redwood forests. The area is also surrounded by stunning California beaches and forests. The type of environment this place has most travelers want to stay in and enjoy their trip. There are a lot of parks and natural thermal springs. Being a tourism area, Big Sur has many hotels, restaurants, and shops but The Post Ranch Inn is the best place among all to stay in. It has a water filtration plant, mattresses, and toiletries, and uses solar panels to offset energy use.

Guests are Warmly Welcomed

The Post Ranch Inn provides excellent services and packages to its customers. Included in the services are a renowned restaurant and a lovely spa. You will enjoy hiking, morning yoga, meditation, stargazing, and a bevy of delicious snacks. You will be warmly welcomed by their dedicated and experienced staff with a glass of wine. It also offers tea and coffee services to the guests. It offers affordable packages of different ranges. This lovely hotel has a special hybrid package in which the guests are taken to other areas of this beautiful site.

Rooms and Other Facilities

It has a total of 39 rooms, all different from each other, not even two rooms are exactly alike. Rooms are quite big about 960 square feet, eco-friendly, and modern. It is so amazingly designed that one may think if it has grown naturally out of the redwood forest. Some rooms show a spectacular view of the ocean while others are mountain-facing. The rooms are equipped with other luxurious facilities such as luxurious bed, bathroom, TV, and Wi-Fi, etc.

Eco-Friendly Environment This hotel also works to promote green initiatives. It uses a solar system to save electricity, and the materials used in the building making are all eco-friendly. All the outdoor spaces are covered with different plants, and the products used for various services are all biod

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