Markovina Vineyard Estate, Auckland

A wedding is the time of celebration of the union of two soul mates. It is the occasion when a couple invites their friends, family and loved ones to receive their blessings and share their happiness. Every couple desires to have a memorable wedding ceremony with all its grace, sophistication and aestheticism.

Now, a dreamy wedding is not something which can be imagined in only dreams. It can become a reality by planning your wedding at the most classic and distinguished venue near Auckland. Markovina Vineyard Estate with over 50 years’ experience is all in one. With its scenic and quaint venue, scrumptious and appealing food on menu, friendly and active working staff, it has been a perfect choice of couples.

The fascinating location

Markovina vineyard estate is an exceptional family-owned and managed venue located in Kumeu which is 20 minutes away from Auckland. The venue covers 10 acres having spectacular gardens and a pond. While the couple is out in the garden for a wedding photo shoot, the guests can explore gardens and enjoy their drinks.

The picturesque view

Markovina Vineyard Estates offers beautiful backgrounds for amazing pictures. Swing, red phone box, pond, boat and beautiful trees provide amazing photographic opportunities. Our picture-perfect spots are more than your poses. The impeccable lighting at night time makes your whole wedding scene more mesmerizing.

Basically Markovino Vineyard Estate has customized venues for garden weddings. Carefully manicured grass with beautiful trees attracts the couple to have a daytime wedding. The wedding looks more divine and cosy under warm and comforting sunlight. During summers, the venue sets up a large white umbrella to save the guests from suntan.

Five locations

Markovina provides five locations to choose from and make sure that couples do not regret their choice later on.

1. Chestnut Tree

A large Chestnut Tree in the centre of a garden gives heavenly blessings to the couple. The mind-blowing garden is surrounded by trees and vines. On one side of the table, a stone signing table is available for signing wedding papers.

2. Pebble Beach

Pebble beach gives an intimate setting on the opposite side of the pond. Two kauri trees in the background and wine barrel as a signing table makes it unique.

3. Two Kauri Trees

To have a perfect frame with two Kauri trees in the background that gives the classic and botanic setting. The garden is located in front of the pond mesmerizes the guests.

4. Barrel Waterfall

During summers, take your vows under a barrel waterfall, while the guests are seated comfortably under shady olive trees.

5. Indoor location

A newly built indoor setting is for those who love indoor weddings. After ceremonies, staff moves the chair outside converting it into a cozy lounge.

Markovina vineyard estate saves you from tension and nervousness that comes when planning a wedding. Vineyard estate hosts one wedding a day to ensure proper arrangements and choice of locations. It offers you a complete package that includes everything to make your wedding day go smooth and allows you to enjoy your day without worrying about drinks or music system.

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