Job Vacancy for Medical Nurse- Derbyshire, England

If you are in search of a job in the medical sector, then you are in the right place. University Hospitals of Derby and Burton is offering you job vacancy for a medical nurse at Derbyshire, England. It is an excellent opportunity for deserving candidates. So come and grab it fast. We are looking for talented and dedicated candidates to work with us.

About Us

This trust was made to facilitate the people of Derbyshire and Staffordshire on July 1, 2018. We have more than 12000 staff members who look after patients and perform their duty with responsibility. Our trust always tries to ensure equality and human rights in selecting employees and providing its services. We provide a friendly environment for our members where they can utilize their skills in the most efficient way. We wholeheartedly welcome our new members to join us and serve our patients.

What Are We Searching For?

We are searching for dedicated candidates to join us in the Medical Day Case Unit. The responsibility of this unit is to take care of patients on the same day without any admission. This helps in managing the smooth flow of patients and in reducing the burden of daily-based patients.

We are a group of nurses who work in coordination providing patients with marked infusions to give them a healthy life. We treat many patients on a daily basis in a well organized and clean environment. Our search is for an adult nurse who must have good communication skills and capability to work within a small group, and who can enhance the patient’s experience.

Your Duties

  • You will have to work for 15 hours a week.
  • Work jointly with a large MDT, nurses and doctors helping them in treatments and discharges, after joining our team.
  • Cooperate and work with enthusiasm.
  • Provide assistance to patients and other members of your team.

Required Skills and Responsibilities

  • Good communication skills.
  • You must have the ability to work in coordination with our team.
  • You must know how to communicate with patients.
  • Punctual and attentive

Job’s Description

Some details of this job are as follow:

Unit: Medical Day Case Unit

Grade: Band 5

Contract: Permanent

Job Timings: 15 hours a week

Location: Derbyshire, England

Last Date: 19-03-2020

Interview Date: 02-04-2020

Benefits that We Provide

  • Development changes both in professional and leadership fields.
  • Full support since recruitment and after recruitment.
  • Friendly environment and loving colleagues.
  • Employee assistance programs.

Important Information

All new employees will have to pay for their DBS check if required. Make sure that you see your emails each day. Applicants who work in the UK can also apply, but qualified, skilled and experienced EU/EEA candidate will be preferred over non-EEA candidate as in this situation applicant cannot satisfy the Resident Labor Market Test.

If you feel you are capable for the post of Nurse Floater in Derbyshire, England, click on the link below and submit the application.

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