Job Vacancy for Medical Director New Jersey, USA

If you have a medical degree in hand and you are in search of a health-related job, an opportunity is waiting for you right here. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield has announced a vacancy for a Medical Director in New Jersey, USA.

As a medical director in this prestigious institution, you will be responsible for providing day-to-day guidance and leadership in decision making and utilization of resources effectively. You also have to cooperate with the Chief Medical Director in managing all aspects of utilization. Participation in various meetings, as assigned, is also a must.

About Us

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield is a well-recognized health insurance company located in New Jersey, USA. It is the state’s most successful health insurance company and is serving the public for decades. We have more than 5,000 serving employees and about 4 million active members.

Utilizing the latest medical technology, we help the patients in achieving their best health in a short period. Due to our innovative products and strategic partnerships, the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield is changing the trend of how healthcare is delivered.

We offer a diverse and friendly working environment that helps the employees to bring their best every day. In return, we offer a variety of benefits to our workers such as health insurance.

What You Have To Do

  • Providing medical expertise in various fields based on your knowledge in utilization methods and healthcare delivery systems
  • Consult and support the nursing staff regarding case management issues and various decisions
  • Participate in the evaluation and planning of different complex cases and presenting an effective solution to it
  • Guides the staff and give recommendations in developing a medical policy that can be fruitful for the institution
  • Assists in appeal review cases
  • Be initiative in decision making and attend various meetings and committees as assigned

Job Details

Location: New Jersey, United States of America

Employment type: Full-time

Job Function: Medical Director

Permanent: Yes

Company: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Skills and Abilities

To be eligible for the post of Medical Director in New Jersey, USA, you must have the following skills and abilities:

  • Excellent clinical skills to handle various medical issues and discuss them with patients
  • Ability to take independent medical necessity decisions
  • Ability to implement the medical policy effectively and guide others about it
  • Strong communication skills

Experience and Qualification

  • Unrestricted license to practice medicine in Psychiatry
  • Certification as a DO or MD
  • Working experience of 5+ years in a medical clinic
  • 3+ years experience in a medical management firm
  • Experience in Residential Mental Health, Inpatient Psychiatry, or Intensive Outpatient Programs

Required Knowledge

  • Sound knowledge about the principle and processes of Utilization Management
  • Understanding of the principles and procedures of Managed Care
  • Excellent knowledge of the current healthcare issues

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield in New Jersey, USA is an equal opportunity employer. The selection of the candidate is irrespective of their religion, age, colour, race, sex, creed, state, etc. So if you feel you have the required skills and potential for this job, click the link below and submit your application.

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